User Acquisition

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User Acquisition

At AppsClicks we don't just promote apps, we do a lot more than that! We know how to take the right users and connect them to your app ensuring the best possible engagement within your marketing budget.



Identify and target the right users who will engage with your app.



AI & Machine Learning to optimize the campaign performance.



in-house and outsource tools, whitelist, and blacklist capabilities.

3 Reasons Why


ROAS, RR, ROI, in-app events, or any of the other KPI metrics aren`t strangers to us.
We know how to work, and have the right technology and expertise to ensure that you`re retaining your acquired users and engaging with them.
Success for us is helping you exceed your KPIs!


With the help of our secret formula that combines in-house optimization algorithms, and access to high LTV users in over 150 countries we ensure you that you`ll be growing your user base with the right customers.
We work with over 10 DSPs & RTBs and with the top affiliates in the field!


We use advanced machine learning to automatically optimize your campaign performance for CR and Click to install time, as well as offer you full support for whitelisting and blacklisting certain apps.
That is done alongside our amazing data analysts and other tools like FraudShield, 24Metrics, and TrafficGuard.

Secure Your Users

Within the freemium-dominated app space, the most important thing is to find those 5% of users who will contribute to the in-app purchase revenue and make them stay. It gets harder considering the fact that most users either stop using the app after a brief time or uninstall it completely. We believe that user acquisition is an answer to this issue. More users, more in-app events, and a way to keep the circle moving. If one user leaves, another one replaces it. At AppsClicks we offer a full cycle. We understand what you need – and what you are looking for, and can deliver the results.



Grow app traffic by targeting and optimizing the right users.


Real Users

Eliminate fraud like bots, click flooding, and install hijacking.


App-Store Boost

Boost App Stores ranking and gross revenue.


High LTV Users

AppsClicks AI and optimizer algorithm know which users to target and on which media and supply channels – meaning, we get you clients who won`t only use your app but appreciate and invest in it as well. In AppsClicks we plan before the act and provide the best results. We move from quantity to quality and put our focus on post-install events, rather than just on install. This way we provide you with high-value users and keep your ROAS happy.


Our method of user acquisition assists in discovering new users and shifting them over into paying customers with a high LTV. We understand the issues in the industry, the different types of fraud and know how to eliminate them.

One of the main reasons why to run user-securing campaigns is to acquire and keep high LTV users who use the app and drive income - both from in-app purchases and advertisement.

A successful user acquisition campaign is dependent on constant data-driven optimization; testing and re-adjusting the campaign and traffic with time. Eventually, patterns start rising and the campaign manager can understand what works for the app and what is needed to reach the KPIs.