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Connect your users with the right apps, with our technology – you can boost your revenues globally.


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AppsClicks mission is to bring the right users to our marketing Publishers, as our trusted publisher you will have access to competitive rates, quality apps, and top service. Our system will profile your traffic, rank it, and link it to the best fitting ads – so you can monetize your users and maximize their potential. Everything on your dashboard is validated with an offer test system to ensure zero-click waste. Offers can be approved via S2S or API, and are hand-picked to match your traffic qualities, GEOs, and verticals.


24/7 Support

We believe that human relations are the key to the industry; Hench why we will assign you the best account manager, who understands your traffic and will provide you with the best service to monetize and maximize it. You’ll also use the benefit of our team, who can give you 24/7 feedback on your traffic and help you with the most common account management tasks. The integration is super simple as well, no SDK required. We are integrated with major tracking platforms. S2S or API, its your call.

We Deliver Success

We are committed to your success and our fantastic Account Management Team will help you reach high levels of profit in no time. We promise the best support and personal care to each of our clients. We believe in personal relationships and long-term partnerships. Hench why we handpick our account managers, ensuring their personality and goals are matching with your companys DNA.
The experienced and intelligent team at AppsClicks strives to maximize the revenue from your inventory and we are expanding daily. We focus on keeping you safe and satisfied. We analyze your traffic and understand your goals and desires, so you can maximize the full potential of your ad spaces. We offer competitive payouts to our campaigns and match them accordingly to the market. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer our publishers on-time payments.



If you can send users to an advertisers app by placing a banner on your app, or if you media buy from DSP and exchanges, then you can become our affiliate! Reach out to us on or via the contact us page for more information.

Unfortunately, at the moment we dont have an SDK integration. We do have an API / S2S integration possible via Affise.

It is up to each advertiser (merchant) how much they are willing to pay for a specific result. As a network, we give you 70% of the cost. We want you to make money, as long as you are satisfied - we are satisfied.