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Access to Billions of Users

Being integrated with every major exchange and hundreds of publishers means support to all markets and access to billions of devices around the globe. Combining that with engaging customers on multiple screens, and the likeness of them to convert grows. Ever dreamt of your app starring in China? India? South Korea? It’s a piece of cake with our technology. With AppsClicks new markets can be opened up at any time, and it’s never been easier.


The Optimizing Process

Based on our experience with campaigns with partners in a variety of vertical areas, we know that attracting users can be a complicated process. Because of this fact, we’ve decided to develop special AI & Machine Learning algorithms that learn the in-app behavior of the ideal user, and once there’s a match – it’s all automatic. In other words, We analyze the consuming behavior of millions of global users and match them with your goals.

AI & ML Automation

Technology and automation are our closest friends, and our AppsClicks AI technology enables you to pursue your campaign goals seamlessly. With multi-layered tools, you can monitor and prevent suspicious behavior to keep your campaigns safe. One of the metrics our algorithm based on is CR; it automatically pauses and pushes sources with low or high CR, depends on your vertical and app; it will match the suitable traffic and conversion rate. We pride ourselves on guiding you through the journey and helping you figure out what traffic to spend your money on.



Yes, we are fully transparent and can pass IDFA, GAID, app names, bundle ids, publishers ids, and so forth.

Click to Install/event time, ad spend, eCPM, and we also automatically rank our publishers/sources depending on their success in similar campaigns.

Not everything is automated. We believe that humans eye covers a lot that technology cant. Our amazing team does the whole starting process, and they keep an eye on everything.