AppsClicks - Anti Fraud

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Protect your app from the threat of ad fraud at every level of the conversion flow with AppsClicks and the best tools in the industry.


AI Algorithms

Our in-house tools to fight fraud, from CR optimizer to AI algorithms.


Outsourced Tools

Project 360, Fraudshield, 24Metrics, and more. We keep you safe!


Data Scientists

Our amazing team guards the traffic and disables any suspicious behaviors.

Our Solution

The Fraud which targets app marketers is evolving fast, smart, and is here to stay. To marketers and developers, fraud is a messy issue. It eats their advertising budgets, encourages re-investment in already acquired users, and wastes time. AppsClicks like others are here to fight fraud. We have developed and invested in our own AI algorithms, that learn the user behavior and search for abnormalities. Once they are found, it automatically disables the source, ensuring you won’t spend money on fraudulent traffic.


NextGen Anti-Fraud

We know that not all fraud can be stopped (16% is still lurking out there, or in here), but we still believe there’s a way to fight it. With the mixture of our AI and Machine Learning technology, outsourced tools, and an amazing team of data analysts – we believe we are the closest ones to deliver clean traffic and real users. So you rest assured and focus on your growth!

Install Hijacking

Analyzing foretalling signals like short CTIT, referrer mismatch, and more to identify and block fraud in real-time.

Click Flooding

A deep CTIT analysis (click to install conversion rate) to identify and block at source, publisher, and sub-publisher level.

Device Farms

Automatically blocking device farms (based on our databases) and traffic that concentrate on “new devices”.

Fake In-App Events

Our AI and ML algorithms analyze traffic after installs and preventing in-app events from suspicious and fraudulent sources.

Fake Purchases

Using receipt validation to make sure the purchases indeed occurred as reported. Any suspicious behavior is paused.

Bot Traffic

We identify highly targeted bots operating on low or high volumes, blocking them in real-time.


There is no such thing as fully fraud-proof, fraud develops, and with it, we need to develop our guards. AppsClicks stay updated with everything new and do the best to shield you from fraud.

In case fraud managed to pave its way to your campaign, our team will be quick to find and disable it.

A few now and there isnt a problem. The issue starts when a specific source is sending a massive amount of new devices (without the campaign targeting those). As it may indicate that a fraudster is resetting the device ID so it would appear as a new device to conduct the same action (install/purchase) again.