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Engage with your user base and activate it with a strong retargeting plan.


94% of Acquired Users Uninstall Your App After 30 Days, Learn How to Fight It!


1.Define Goals

Doesn't matter what your goal is, we can achieve it and keep your users engaged after app install.


2.Testing & Planning

From planning a strategic message to building an audience segmentation - we do it all.


3.Analyze & Reconnect

We find lookalike users that convert and re-engage them to increase Retention and LTV.

Personalize it

AppsClicks provide An effective marketing retargeting ads, and also focuses on the user after the install and behind the first purchase. It engages consumers at all stages of their experience. Retargeting gives you the ability to reach your user base when they are using other apps and remind them with a personalized message that they should get back on to your app.


Cookie Technology

Using a cookie-based technology with a simple JavaScript code we can “follow” your users and reach out to them at any time, showing them personalized ads to remind and call them to action. The reason why it’s so effective, is because you focus your spend on users who already shown and demonstrated interest in your app. They already got it installed – and just need a small push and a reminder. By combining our user acquisition and retargeting skills, we promise you high ROI and amazing results.


Almost. Users who have cookies disabled cannot be retargeted (as they cannot be tracked). Also, users who were being tracked, but erased their cookies, will no longer be tracked, unless they revisit the app / website again.

While they are being used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same. Their main difference stems from the strategy. Retargeting is about showing ads based on users cookies, while Remarketing is usually based on emails.

We believe that the best feature of it is the ability to personalize the ad you are showing to your users. People love feeling special, and a correct retargeting strategy gives them that.