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From identifying the right users to optimizing the performance of your campaign. With our team and technology, you can achieve your KPI and acquisition goals with no problem at all.


Experience Talks

At AppsClicks we dont just promote apps, we do a lot more than that! Our expert team knows how to take the right users and connect them to your app ensuring the best possible engagement within your marketing budget.
We specifically select professional campaign managers who analyze and digest data.
We have the ability to reach billions of devices across the globe. No need for prepayment, we take the risk on ourselves.


Anti Fraud

Machine learning that automatically optimizes your campaign performance.


Engagement & RR

ROAS, RR, in-app events, or any other KPI metrics aren’t strangers for us.


Acquisition & Growth

Growing your user base with the right customers.



Human connection is the key to marketing, even in the digital age.


Technology is the Key

Our in-house technology analyzes data in real-time and enables us to identify top-performing sources so they can be boosted, it can also identify low performing sources and fraud, and pause them at the right time. We can whitelist your favorite sources, bundle ids, or app names. With the same logic, we can block and blacklist any low quality or fraud-like apps and sources. In other words, we offer optimizations with no pain, delays, or blind guessing.

Why Our Team Is One Of The Best!

Real-time Optimization

Our team of data analyst experts analyze your data in real-time and optimize the delivery of the traffic; Pausing low-quality sources and focusing on the best performing audiences. This way we ensure you a top-performing campaign, with an excellent conversion rate.


With the combination of our technology and experienced team (both account managers and data analysts) - your campaign will flow easily and flourish. We take care of everything, your only job is to be satisfied with the results. Low maintenance on your side!


We combine the top data analysts, and our in-house and outsourced anti-fraud solutions. Our method can detect and block different types of fraud, such as Bot traffic, Fake clicks, Organic conversions, Unique device repetitions, and more.

High-Quality Traffic

Access to users in over 150 countries (10+ Exchanges and top affiliates) we ensure you that you’ll be growing your user base with the right customers. Achieve your goals with the highest quality traffic from the most trusted and valuable sources and apps.


That totally depends on you. We give our partners the freedom to choose how much they will pay us per conversion. We start by testing the waters together, and once we both satisfied - and if there is a need, we will re-negotiate the cost.

We found that 320x50, 300x250, and 300x50 Works The Best For Us.

We have worldwide traffic, we buy our media according to our clients needs, so most likely we will have the right traffic for your app. Reach out to us on or via the contact us page for specific information.